David’s Favorite Animals

Who would have known David Schick was an animal lover? Don’t be fooled but his rough exterior, David Schick has a soft spot for anything with feathers, fur, or scales (bonus points if they have multiple legs!) So what are his favorites, you may ask?

A List of David Schick’s Absolute Favorite Animals

Slow Loris

*Fast Fact! They can remain still for hours at a time.

Border Collies

*Fast Fact! They probably have a higher IQ than you.

Pacu Fish

*Fast Fact! Many people mistaken them for piranhas.

Pink Fairy Armadillos

*Fast Fact! They are absolutely tiny.

*David Schick’s Stamp Of Approval!*

Dumbo Octopus

*Fast Fact! Their name comes from their ears?!

Ziggy Stardust Snake

*Fast Fact! This was discovered in 2016.

Beluga Whale

*Fast Fact! They never stop talking.

*David Schick’s Stamp Of Approval!*

California Sea Lion

*Fast Fact! They live for a pretty long time.


*Fast Fact! They come into this world pink and furless. 


*Fast Fact! They’re sea slugs.

*David Schick’s Stamp Of Approval!*