David Schick’s Favorite Colors

David Schick has an eye for color! When he isn’t painting or creating, David is looking for the best ways to begin a project!

So what are some of David Schick’s favorite colors?

David loves red, as it reminds him of his mother and her lipstick.

David Schick loves blue as it reminds him of the beach he used to play at as a little boy. David Schick has always loved the ocean!

David loves green, he feels as though it connects him and his art to nature.

When David Schick paintsĀ on a canvas, he tends to use the colors red, yellow, and orange together. He loves the warmth they emulate.

David Schick paints with purple when he’s feeling overwhelmed. The heaviness of the dark purple is grounding and helps keeps his mind from floating away.

When it comes to sky tones, David Schick mostly uses a surprising color- gray. The neutral tone between black and white is his way of creating an infinite sky.

What are you favorite colors? Comment below!